Summer School PROMOWOOD

Promotion of wood as key element for achieving net zero

Begin: 19 August 2023, 16:00

End: 26 August 2023, 10:00

Location: Davos, Hotel Shima

Organized by: SwissForestLab, ETH Domain Joint Initiatives MainWood & SCENE, NFZ.forestnet

Language: English

Type of event: Courses

Target audience: PhD students, MSc students in their last year and Postdocs from any country in the world

The goal of the Summer School “PROMOWOOD”, jointly organized by the ETH-Domain initiatives MainWood & SCENE, the SwissForestLab and the NFZ.forestnet, is to provide a holistic view on the promotion of wood along the wood value chain. The topic will be addressed by focusing on different angles: Environmental issues (forest dynamics in a changing environment), socio-economic and policy frameworks, possibilities of new wood products, and transdisciplinary challenges (interlinkage of scientific disciplines, stakeholder dialog). The participants will reflect on their own scientific work with respect to other disciplinary methods and discuss possible benefits of interdisciplinary approaches in their field.

The preliminary list of speakers: Peter Bebi (SLF), Alessandra Bottero (SLF), Calum Brown (Highlands Rewilding), Ingo Burgert (ETHZ, Empa), Erwin Dreyer (INRAE), Claude Garcia (HAFL, ETHZ), Marc Hanewinkel (Uni Freiburg), Andrew Heald (New Generation Plantations), Stefanie Hellweg (ETHZ), Frank Krumm (WSL), Antonello Lobianco (AgroParisTech), Andreas Rigling (ETHZ), Achim Schafer (FOEN), René Steiger (Empa), Esther Thürig (WSL).

You can find a preliminary program and more details in our flyer.

Organizing committee

  • Prof. Jaboury Ghazoul (ETHZ, MainWood)
  • Dr. Esther Thürig (WSL, SCENE)
  • Prof. Andreas Rigling (ETHZ, SCENE, NFZ)
  • Prof. Marc Hanewinkel (Uni Freiburg, NFZ)
  • Dr. Björn Niesen (Empa, SCENE)
  • Dr. René Steiger (Empa, SCENE)
  • Prof. Dr. Arthur Gessler (WSL, SwissForestLab NFZ)
  • Dr. Stefan Hunziker (WSL, SwissForestLab
  • Dr. Julia Born (WSL, SwissForestLab)
  • Susanne Senn (WSL)