The structure of SwissForestLab comprises five organs with specific positions and tasks. The organs are strongly interconnected and meet regularly. An overview of the SwissForestLab organisation is given below in the diagram, the persons or institutions representing the organs in the current election period can be found on the sub-pages.

As leading house of SwissForestLab, WSL supports it financially and is in charge of its administrative management.

Functions of the SwissForestLab organs

Steering Committee

The Steering Committee is responsible for the development of scientific and management strategies and is re-elected by the plenum every 3 years. The Committee monitors continuously the scientific activities and achievements. It elects the Executive Board and decides about the admission of new members and partners in SwissForestLab. The Steering Committee decides about the implementation of the network events like Summerschools, conferences and workshops. It is composed of the Head of SwissForestLab, a member of the WSL directorate, 2-3 scientists of the WSL and one scientist of each participating research institution. Partners can be members of the Steering Committee as well. The Steering Committee is elected by the plenum of SwissForestLab.

Executive Board

The Executive Board reports regularly the scientific progress and the results of SwissForestLab projects to the Steering Committee. It is also responsible for the finances of the network. With the support of external (inter)national Scientific Advisors the Executive Board selects potentially new research/infrastructure projects to be included in SwissForestLab. Together with the coordinator the Executive Board organizes the planned network events. The Executive Board is comprised of the Head of the SwissForestLab, one scientist of the WSL and one scientist of another research institution. It is re-elected every year by the Steering Committee.


Members of SwissForestLab are researcher who contribute in Switzerland to the network with projects, infrastructure or data within the frame of the scientific key topics of the platform. Members benefit from the network with regard to a facilitated access to data, field sites and infrastructure. In addition, they can participate at SwissForestLab events and receive regularly up-to-date information of network News.


Partners are public agencies, companies or foundations assisting SwissForestLab with expanding its network and providing financial support for research projects or other accompanying measures (teaching, coordination, events).