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COMMON-RING SwissForestLab Project

Accounting for evolutionary responses based on tree-ring traits will allow reducing uncertainties in the spatial distributions of European trees species under forthcoming climate change scenarios


SCC II - REACT: Species-specific reactions of temperate European forest trees to a changing environment

Past genetic diversity of Swiss mountain forests

Future climate change will have drastic effects on mountain forests. We will analyse ancient DNA preserved in natural archives to reconstruct the impact of past rapid climate change on the neutral and adaptive genetic diversity of trees.


Assoziierte Projekte


Phenological synchrony between soil microbes, nutrient availability, trees leaf-out and moths

The synchronization between supply and demand of resources in temperate forests is vital to ensure the optimal and sustainable functioning of these ecosystems. This project aims to understand how global warming is disrupting interactions between above- and below-ground organisms.

Dürre & Buche: Auswirkungen der Sommerdürre 2018 auf die Buche auf der Alpennordseite

In diesem Projekt untersuchen wir mögliche Ursachen für die Auswirkungen der Sommerdürre 2018 auf die Vitalität von Buchen im Schweizer Mittelland und Jura.

Acclimation and environmental memory

Which are the main mechanisms conveying adaptation on the organ and whole tree level, how fast does acclimation occur and how long is an acclimation potential sustained?