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Durch SwissForestLab finanzierte Projekte


European beech under climate change

We will conduct a continental-scale climate sensitivity analysis of European beech and will investigate how different beech provenances differ in their climate growth response.

COMMON-RING SwissForestLab Project

Accounting for evolutionary responses based on tree-ring traits will allow reducing uncertainties in the spatial distributions of European trees species under forthcoming climate change scenarios

Tracing hybridization of oriental beech following assisted gene flow

Development of a cost-effective remote sensing tool based on optical spectroscopy to track the hybridization between European and oriental beech.


SCC II - REACT: Species-specific reactions of temperate European forest trees to a changing environment

Past genetic diversity of Swiss mountain forests

Future climate change will have drastic effects on mountain forests. We will analyse ancient DNA preserved in natural archives to reconstruct the impact of past rapid climate change on the neutral and adaptive genetic diversity of trees.


Assoziierte Projekte


HeatFrost: Wie beeinflussen wärmere Winter die Frosthärte zukünftiger Baumarten?

Sind potenziell zukunftsfähige Arten, die hitze- und trockentolerant sind, auch genug frosttolerant? Wir untersuchen, wie sich wärmere Winter auf die Frosthärte verschiedener, aktuell als zukunftsfähig eingestufter Baumarten auswirken.


This project aims to integrate the recording of standardized mast observation into existing phenology networks (e.g. PhaenoNet, Phenowald, PhenoRanger) and field surveys. The recorded data will be made publicly available on the already established platform of MastWeb hosted at WSL.


«PhenoRangers» soll Wechselwirkungen zwischen der aktuellen Forschung über die Auswirkungen des Klimawandels auf den Wald und die Öffentlichkeit herstellen, wobei die Phänologie als Hauptwerkzeug eingesetzt wird.