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Aims and Missions

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According to the interest, input and working fields of the members and partners, the research and working focus of the SwissForestLab will be flexible and can change dynamically with the current demand. In the starting phase of the SwissForestLab basic research is a dominant part of the network and represents the main pillar.

Various interfaces to translatory research and outreach are planned and integrated in the program. These interfaces can become a focus of the SwissForestLab depending on the interests of members and partners and there will be a mutually exchange of information and activities between the main pillar of the SwissForestlab and other units and programmes. The following graph shows the present situation.


Various research perspectives will be developed by making intensive use of synergies from the world-wide acknowledged expertise in forest research in Switzerland and from future investigations.

In first line, basic research will be advanced by combining experiments at field sites and in laboratory facilities with observations on long-term monitoring field plots and dynamic modeling approaches.

By using the various possibilities and services of the SwissForestLab excellent cooperative research will be promoted in order to obtain an in-depth understanding of ecosystem functioning, resistance and resilience. This will foster scientific breakthroughs by bridging scales, research fields and scientific approaches. The establishment of interdisciplinary working modules with different topics for researchers from different institutions are planned to bring together researchers from different disciplines working on existing and innovative topics.

In addition, interfaces will be provided to translate novel findings to practice and university teaching.