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Call for Projects 2020



SwissForestLab announces the opening of a call for projects covering one or several of the three core research fields of SwissForestLab:

  • Effects of climate change on forest ecosystems;
  • Biodiversity and ecosystem functioning;
  • Land‐use change and its long‐term legacy.

Successful projects will provide novel insights and include original research approaches that should not only be restricted to a single narrow discipline.

Prerequisites and eligibility

The project call is open for members of SwissForestLab. Only projects that link at least two institutions within SwissForestLab will be considered.


SwissForestLab anticipates to fund 6 or 7 projects. Each project will be funded with a maximum of 250,000 CHF. The money can be either used for a postdoctoral fellow (2 years) or a PhD student (4 years). Additional funding provided by the PIs is welcomed but not a prerequisite. The position funded will be organizationally assigned to WSL, but the project will be based in the lab of the successful PI.


Applicants will need to submit their full proposal (max 6 pages scientific project description) by 31.8.2020. To facilitate the organization of the reviewing process and to find external reviewers in time, the applicants also need to submit a letter of intent (with a preliminary title and an abstract) by 31.7.2020. The final decision will be made by end of November 2020.

Please send both letter of intent and project application form via email to yann.vitasse(at)wslto make life hard for spam, subject: SwissForestLab open call 2020.